Blinc Ultra Thin Liquid Eyeliner Pen


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Our blinc ultra thin liquid eyeliner pen provides the thinnest, most precise line of color to your lids or lash line that cannot fade, smudge or run even if you cry or rub your eyes. Only when you are ready, it can be easily removed with any gentle makeup remover. Formula is Vegan & Cruelty Free.

  • As  with  our  blinc  mascara  and  blinc  eyeliner,  the  ultrathin  liquid  eyeliner  pen  should   always  be  applied  to  clean  and  dry  skin  (moisturizers can affect hold).
  • When  applying  blinc  ultrathin  liquid  eyeliner  pen,  it  is  easier  to  start  from  the  outer   edge  of  your  lash  line  rather  than  the  inner  edge.  Gently  pull  the  lid  towards  your  ear  to   get  the  most  even  application.
  • You  can  apply  extremely  close  to  the  upper  and  lower  lash  line  to  achieve  more  visible fullness  to  your  lashes.
  • Draw  a  thin  line  evenly  along  the  upper  lid  getting  as  close  to  the  lashes  as  possible.
  • After use, wipe brush to prevent clogging.


  • Use  a  makeup  dissolver  or  any  gentle  makeup  remover  to  remove  blinc  ultrathin  liquid eyeliner  pen  only  when  you  are  ready.


  • To repair clogging or brush hair splitting, stand liner with bottom up for at least 5 minutes.