Blackhead Extractor


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Skincare Tool / Blackhead Extractor by Tweezerman.

Clear out your pores, starting with those on your nose, when you choose the Tweezerman Skincare Tool / Blackhead Extractor. This dermatologically-approved tool is a quick and easy way to rid yourself of unsightly blackheads without any additional pain. It has a tailored design with a curve tip that prevents damage while squeezing, lifting and removing the internal build-up of excess oil and dead skin. This tool is ideal - not only for new blackheads - but also mature and deep ones that have set up residence within your skin. Precise and gentle, clear out your complexion pronto.

Tweezerman Skincare Tool / Blackhead Extractor features:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Proven to be safe for use at home by professional dermatologists.
  • Honed design won't leave marks on the skin or cause inflammation.
  • Not suitable for use on lips, in or around the eye, on the eyelid, under the eye area or on the eyebrows.